SWEETY BLUE version 3.0

Q. What means "Record Owner"?
A. This term is used for Dogs. The Record Owner (RO) is the person (Registered User) who created this specific "record" (i.e. the dog). He/She entered the information in the database and consequently "owns" the record. Only the RO can do changes on this dog, can upload pictures or show results. You can ask, by entering the "Edit Dog" page, to become the RO of the dog or to be "delegated" to operate on this dog (i.e you are the Owner, the Breeder, the Handler, ...). As a starting point, all dogs are owned by "ADMIN". So it is normal that you ask to become the RO if you are entitled for this.

Q. What is the difference between "kennels" and "breeders"?
A. We defined as "Kennels" the simple kennelname (affix or prefix) connected to the Dogs bred by that Breeder. As a starting point there are no "Breeders" in the database, only "Kennels". If you are a breeder, by creating your account in the registration process, you are asked to connect yourself with an existing "kennel" or to create a new one. This is where you can connect yourself (your account) with the existing information in the database.

Q. Can I have a "banner" on top of my Breeder page?
A. Yes. You have to upgrade your account to "Premium Breeder". You will have the possibility to upload your banner.
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